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Gottlieb System 1 Pinball MPU Board

Replacement Gottlieb system 1 MPU boards for older electronic Gottlieb pinball machines. These plug and play power supplies replace your old non-working mpu boards and works in all Gottlieb system 1 pinball machines. Any one of all the system 1 game titles can be selected on a dip-switch selectable ROM chip that is on the new mpu board. Comes with a detailed manual describing set up, operation, and diagonstics, schematics, and a 30-day warranty.

Features include:

Direct replacement of the original System 1 mpu board.
3-month warranty and low maintenance cost (average repair is $40).
All game code completely re-written with some minor original Gottlieb glitches omitted!
Eight years service history with thousands of boards sold internationally.
Text based diagnostics menu system that allows operator settings previously done via DIP switches to be entered in via front door switches.
Tests that cycle repeatedly (until timeout) to help isolate faults.
Display test to exercise all digit segments (numbers), and to strobe each digit independently to check for display (UDN6118) shorts.
Solenoid test that exercises each coil including lamp controlled coils (when DIP switch configuration set for such a game).
Power-up code revision and game setting displayed for quick diagnostic configuration identification.
Switch test that detects dirty switches on the playfield.
All 16 System 1 games are included on one board with no ROM swapping required.
One DIP switch setting to select your game.

Original MPU functionality has been closely duplicated and adds many optional features including:

Free game mode.
Updated game options for many games to allow add-a-ball mode (multiple free-balls awarded during a single ball) where the playfield challenge is completely reset once after scoring the free-ball / special.
Menu options to disable add-a-ball (for operators who requested it!)
Restore factory-settings option for quick reset of settings.
Open-collector output logic with zener diode protection for all solenoid circuits and lamp select lines to prevent CPU damage from a damaged driver board.
Battery-less operation - all settings and high-score data are stored in NVRAM with >100,000 write cycles.
Designed for low-cost component repair and maintenance on I/O sensitive components (exposed to bad displays / bad driver boards, etc.)
Stuck switches are ignored and do not impair the rest of the games operation, including the slam switch!

Works in all of the following Gottlieb games:

Buck Rogers, Charlie’s Angels, Cleopatra, Close Encounters, Countdown, Dragon, Genie, Incredible Hulk, Joker Poker, Pinball Pool, Roller Disco, Sinbad, Solar Ride, Torch, and Totem.

Gottlieb System 1 Replacment MPU Board
Price $199.95

Out of Stock

This new reproduction wiring harness replaces the harness between the Gottlieb system 1 mpu board and the driver transistor board that often becomes corroded from battery acid leakage. Replace that harness when replacing the cpu board and eliminate future problems.
Gottlieb System 1 Replacment Wiring Harness
Price $69.95


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