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Pinball Parts New Pinball Coils

Used Pinball Machine Coils and Solenoids

Pinball machine used coils and solenoids we have for sale include many hard to find used pinball coils for old pinball machines. If you are unable to find the used or new pinball coil you need, you can give us a call and find out how we can have the coil you need specially made.

Used Williams Pinball Coils

Quantity B-27-1100 Used Williams Pinball Coil $3.95
Quantity B-28-1450 Used Williams Pinball Coil $3.95
Quantity B-28-1500 Used Williams Pinball Coil $3.95
Quantity D1-24-1600 115 Volt Used Williams Pinball Coil $9.95
Quantity M-29-900 Used Williams Pinball Coil $3.95
Quantity M-31P-1500 Used Williams Pinball Coil $3.95
Quantity M-32-2400 Used Williams Pinball Coil $3.95
Quantity S-27-700 Used Williams Pinball Coil $3.95
Quantity S-29-950 Used Williams Pinball Coil $3.95
Quantity X-5-29P-900 Used Williams Pinball Coil $3.95
Quantity Z-30P-1800 Used Williams $3.95

Used Bally Pinball Coils

Quantity E-184-252 Used Bally $3.95
Quantity FC-33-2600 Used Bally $3.95
Quantity N-24-700 Used Bally $3.95

Used Gottlieb Pinball Coils

Quantity A-5194 Used Gottlieb $3.95
Quantity A-21741 Used Gottlieb $3.95

Used Midway Games Coils

Quantity D-28-1150 Used Midway $3.95
Quantity D-30-1800 Used Midway $3.95
Quantity D-31-2500 Used Midway $3.95
Quantity K-29-1100 Used Midway $3.95
Quantity K-32-1700 Used Midway $3.95

Used Stern Pinball Coils

Quantity D-28-1100 Used Stern $3.95
Quantity K-26-800 Used Stern $3.95
Quantity K-28-1200 Used Stern $3.95
Quantity K-30-1600 Used Stern $3.95
Quantity K-34-4600 Used Stern $3.95
Quantity M-26-500 Used Stern $3.95
Quantity M-34-3800 Used Stern $3.95
Quantity N-24-700 Used Stern $3.95
Quantity N-26-1000 Used Stern $3.95
Quantity NP-26-900T Used Stern $3.95
Quantity NR-26-900 Used Stern $3.95
Quantity S-24-750 Used Stern $3.95
Quantity S-27-1600 Used Stern $3.95
Quantity S-27-1700 Used Stern $3.95
Quantity T-27-800 Used Stern $3.95

Used Game Plan Coils

Quantity Used 21-50009 Game Plan $5.95

Used Allied Leisure Coils

Quantity 233-9-17 Used Allied Leisure Game Coil $4.95

Used Odd Coils

Quantity 0.6 x 600 Used Odd Coil $2.95
Quantity 2299H Used Odd Coil $2.95
Quantity 404603 Used Odd Coil $2.95
Quantity 629F-1400 Used Odd Coil $2.95
Quantity 830F-1800 Used Odd Coil $2.95
Quantity CO-28R-15 Used Odd Coil $2.95
Quantity F-123-750 Used Odd Coil $2.95
Quantity GP 21-50009B Used Odd Coil $2.95
Quantity KKN 62 ohm 332 Used Odd Coil $2.95
Quantity X525-900 Used Odd Coil $2.95
Quantity X529-900 Used Odd Coil $2.95

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